Hi this is Alex García (Shinta), I’m a spanish, 35, living in Madrid and a one-man-army game developer in my spare time. And that’s why i’m here. I’ll be here posting all the stuff that will happen to come through my head: Work methodology, materials, shaders… anything I’ll be doing day by day.

This is the game I’m developing and it will probably be the common theme of the posts from now on. “Get of my Treasure RPG”. It’s an Android game diablo-like dungeon crawler and from now on. But simplified to be able to be developed by a single person (not without going through a bit of a hell, tho). Like many devs out there we have very few time to do what we love and what we started learning programming when we still were kids.

Since finishing the projects is a must for success, I will get serious and start this modest blog.


The project completion right now should be at about 60%, I don’t like to rush on publish things cause many projects starts being prototypes, but this looks good! It will be finished for sure!

So much content has yet to be added. Mobs, rare mobs, weapons… You will have notices of them from now on.

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